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Anti-gay church vows to take control of Microsoft

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  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Nov 2007, 8:45pm

    Neville, we have an unending supply of them here in the U.S. They’re nothing more than evil, hatred-ridden bigots and hypocrites, typical of right wing evangelical christians. I don’t think Bill Gates would be so dumb as to cave in to this gay-baiting crap. Hutcherson is also a friend of the ex-gay cults, one of his special ministries. He’s as nutty and screwed up as that other one who comes in here, if you know you I mean? Amazing how all these religious bigots are so obsessed with our sex lives and not their own.

  2. Asked why he as a black man grew up during segregation could advocate discrimination, Mr Hutcherson said: “How many homosexuals have you ever seen had to ride on the back of a bus? I haven’t seen one. The Reverend Ken Hutcherson should be told about the Stagecoach case in Scotland!!

  3. Who cares what colour he is?! He’s obviously mentally ill and should be laughed at.I mean he thinks he’s going to bring a ‘firestorm’ on Microsoft. Try not to smile when you read what he says. The biggest thing about him is his inferiority complex, and his megalomaniacal pronouncements are testament to his problems.Let’s just eat popcorn while he rants and cheer him on when he gets fired up.

  4. He’s going to bring down Microsoft by “packing it with shareholders who will vote against their policy of advocating gay rights”?!?I’m with martin. This idiot doesn’t look like he has the cash to buy lemonade at a county fair! What are they going to do, have a bake sale and all chip in to buy 3 Microsoft shares? Oh, I’m sure the NASDAQ is shaking! Ha! What a muppet.Why are these religious types always full of zeal and extreme grandiose ambition to “topple their enemies”, but invariably lack in both common sense and the most rudimentary intelligence to carry out their silly little schemes? They always sound like Bond villains, don’t they.Oh, and the irony of a black man discriminating against another section of society isn’t lost here… perhaps the good Reverend should she shackled on a slave ship for a few weeks to remind him of his recent past and own people’s plight.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 18 Nov 2007, 1:40pm

    William and Martin, others like Hutcherson tried this once before with Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft did cave in but later reversed its position to include partner benefits for gay and lesbian exmployees. I doubt very much if Bill Gates would do another about turn to pacify right wing bigots this time. He has far too many gay employees to begin with, employees he values highly to say nothing of the enormous contributions he’s made to the fight against AIDS. With the Democrats probably taking back the White House in 2008, it would be disaster for Gates to give in to such vile threats for the sake of profit at the expense of people losing their rights. The more these people rant, the more they alienate. More than 60% of American youth are turned off by religion because of these hypocrites.

  6. Thomas in London 18 Nov 2007, 10:15pm

    This is a classic example of why America needs robust equality legislation covering all social groups, without opt-outs for religious groups (similar to that introduced in the UK over the last decade). When the laws are in place there is simply no point in religious extremist groups targeting employers and the religious groups know it.

  7. every thing they had as a tool for people like this to force thier point of view is going one by one. Divorcee, sex before marrigde, drink , drugs. They are worried that they will have nothing left to use as a guilt trip and a threat?

  8. Bill Perdue 18 Nov 2007, 10:53pm

    The idea that all, or even most African Americans, even those duped by superstitious cults are gay bashing homobigots is wrong. The polls show opposition to samesex marriage but general support for the idea of equality. What is true is that the two major conservative parties in the US, the Democrats and Republicans both pander to clerical bigots seeking votes and contributions. Witness the recent gaybashing revivalist circus of Barak Obama and Hillary Clintons repeated ‘dialogs’’ with antigay and antiabortion preachers. The Republicans follow the same bigoted path and for years have used federal ‘contributions’ to ‘faith based’ charities to buy the allegiance of these holier-than-thou bigoted frauds who use samesex marriage and gaybashing to call out the faithful on Election Day. These smug paytriotic clerics got their thirty pieces of silver in the form of a laws legalizing discrimination against lesbians and gays in hiring and firing practices for their fake ‘charities’; laws are copied from the sort of KKK legislation used to institutionalize racism. Today’s theocratic thugs don’t wear sheets like their granddaddies but they’re following in their footsteps. And in point of fact most of these bigots are Euroamericans – catholic boy rapists, protestant TV evangelists and mormons. Their biggest reward came in February of 2006 when Bush put his signature on a law giving $500,000,000.00 to superstition-based groups who oppose same-sex marriage. Hallelujah! Etc! The Reverend Kenneth Samuel, a Georgia pastor and NAACP official said many African American pastors oppose gay marriage because they’ve been “bought out” with faith-based initiative money. Many, but not all. The cultists know that if retail sales of toothpicks whittled from the One True Cross, Forgiveness of Sins, or hankies dipped in the River Jordan take a dive, they can congregate with Bush and Lo, The Most High doth rain down Shekels upon Them what believeth. Plus Mercedes, Mansions, and Really Fat Bank Accounts. Hallelujah! Etc! In the US, as elsewhere, class, gender, race and other artificial divisions are deliberately twisted and employed to pit groups against one another. These unnaturally spawned conflicts are used to create ‘divide and conquer’ scenarios in which the only real winners are the rich. “I will say this much for our noble rulers: that, tyrannical and morally rotten as they were, they were enthusiastically religious.” Mark Twain

  9. America seems to breed these rabid preacher types, who seem hell-bent on destroying everything that they see as ‘against god’.

    What a ridiculous idea, to infiltrate companies such as Microsoft, and destroy leading LGBT policies. Scary though, as it could well happen.

    Perhaps someone should remind him of how horrible life used to be for blacks. Oh, but THAT would be different…. lol

  10. Hutcherson wants to own Microsoft | 9 Mar 2009, 8:28pm

    […] is a major stakeholder in PlanetOut (publishers of the Advocate and For the full story, click here. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Hutcherson wants to own Microsoft”, url: […]

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