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Barrowman backs theatrical AIDS day collection

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Reader comments

  1. That Barrowman is one hot number!Those piercing blue eyes make me melt — he’d have me emptying my wallet and then some ! ;>)

  2. I wonder why so many of you continue to attempt to discuss things with Hank (who of late has beatified himself to Saint Hank)? Does it really matter how the universe was created? For those of us who believe in a supreme being, his mode of creation matters little. The allegorical story of creation in the bible refers to creation in 6 days. Is there anyone around who can define the length of one of God’s days? Might be equivalent to 5 billion earth years. And why could God not use evolution as his mode of creation? And exactly how long was one of Adam’s Years? Might have been the equivalent to one lunar cycle? So that might put him at a current earth calendar age of 30 or so. In the end, does it really matter? For those who believe in a Supreme Being, they can expect to “know” the answers after they enter into their eternal life. For those who do not, they can continue to postulate all manners and ways by which the universe was created. Either way, it seems futile to argue over it, because it means so little to our days passed on this earth. As far as Hank’s rants about gays, you simply give him a forum an a soapbox by continuing to try convince him to go contrary to his own opinions. Hank is not interested in changing his opinion one iota, so why bother to attempt to effect change with logic. If Hank did not have an audience to play to, he likely wouldn’t find it much fun anymore. To go back and forth with the name calling and disparaging insults really demeans the intelligence of some of your comments. Take a tip from one of the chat room buttons and place Hank on “Ignore”. Direct your comments to each other, and make no reference to Hank at all, either directly or indirectly. Stop being a planet and treating him like the Sun. Create discussion threads which stimulate thought and avoid disparaging comments about him, his religious belief, or his “ex-gay” status, and soon like a mist he will dissolve away. And if Hank responds to any discussion thread… just pretend you have not seen it. If he can’t goad you into a response, he loses his power.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 17 Nov 2007, 1:11pm

    pk, you know, you’re right. I advise all of you to ignore the bigot, we ARE enabling him.

  4. Agreed.

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