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EXCLUSIVE: Clegg backs homophobic incitement law

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Reader comments

  1. Julian The Wonderhorse 14 Nov 2007, 3:45pm

    I thought Nick Clegg was supposed to be a liberal? What sort of 1984 world are we creating here when people cannot use any insulting words? Bring on the Thought Police.Being called a poof – so what? This has been happening to gays since the dawn of time and the world did not coming to an end. Come on, we are big boys, we can take a few cruel words.If we have been assaulted, we’ve been assaulted, present laws cover that. Why should a gay angle matter any more than if you were assaulted in order to steal your mobile phone?This law as I understand it will put the onus on the “offender” to prove he (or she, keep it pc)did not mean to offend, so we will further undermine our tradition of innocent until proven guilty. ID cards, strict liabilty offences, fixed fines, EU legislation overriding common law – our constitution and natural law is being eroded at every turn.Funny how those in Government with this constant “legislation addiction”, who seem intent on making more and more often contradictory laws, happen to be mostly lawyers themselves. Talk about make work for your mates!He is pandering to get the “gay vote” thinking we will just rejoice without thinking about this law in any depth. Typical political gimickry viewing the gay community as stupid and superficial.Don’t support it, it will lead only to further confusion in the law, so when we are burgled, assaulted or killed, the wheels of justice will turn so much slower!