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Hungary may give OK to same-sex partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. It is not correct that in Hungary same-sex couples have no legal protection for their relationships.Wikipedia states the following: “Hungary is the first ex-communist country and fifth in the world to legalize the same-sex partnerships.Unregistered Cohabitation has been recognised since 1996. It applies to any couple living together in an economic and sexual relationship (common-law marriage), including same-sex couples.”

  2. While the above comment is true, the stress is on “unregistered”. This form of partnership is based on factual cohabitation and not on any kind of registration. Consequently the accompanying legal rights are much more restricted than the ones presently proposed – though I have serious doubts concerning the final vote on the issue, since it’s only the (small) liberal party who is openly in favour of the motion. Even if they will accept it, registered partnership wouldn’t provide exactly the same rights as marriage, the most important unresolved issue would be that of adoption and joint parenting.

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