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Catholic school in unholy row after ditching gay charity

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  1. Onw would be expecting the THT to reject any money copming from these people…

  2. All the more reason to support THT’s new anti-discrimination campaign called Gloves Off – no doubt they were expecting to raise £20,000 or more from the London Oratory’s concert – it’s up to us to make up the shortfall and take a stand against this belief-based bigotry.

  3. Sources closely connected with the proposed concert suggest that a number of parents are making private donations to THT. Many members of the orchestra are said to be donating their fees. It also appears that there is to be a private reception following the concert at which THT will be able to fund-raise. In short, it’s likely that THT will now receive more in private donations than they would have done from a share of the proceeds.Underneath all this is the pernicious behaviour of a small group of obsessively fundamentalist Catholics who had dragged up the ill-founded allegations about a former chaplain to the school dying of AIDS. These are the same people who send hate mail to priests celebrating Masses for LGBT Catholics in Soho,attacking the local Catholic hierarchy for promoting sacrilege by allowing such Masses to continue.Such people have little support amongst grassroots Catholics, nor even in Rome, and they know it! If the Headmaster had done his homework properly, taking sound advice, he might not have caved in to such pressure so early in his tenure.

  4. This merely underlines the ever-present evil of Roman Catholism and the fact that religious faith is a mental illness.

  5. My own nephew was told by his Priest that while it wasn’t against God’s will to be homosexual – God had made him that way after all – if he acted upon his instincts sexually he would go to hell. Not a million miles from the evangelical Christian whose premises I shared who once screamed at me ‘God doesn’t hate homosexuals, he just hates what they do!’

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