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Interview: The Lib Dem fighting youth with experience

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Reader comments

  1. Paul Elgood 9 Nov 2007, 9:40am

    Chris Huhne will make an excellent leader for the Liberal democrats. He has the right vision, the presentational skills and the personal qualities to take the party forward to challenge both the Tories and Labour.

  2. Lib Dem Voter 12 Nov 2007, 3:26am

    Chris said…”But some of the more staid and conventional attitudes, traditional attitudes towards gays, follow ineluctably from some of that [Church based] history. It will work its way out. And we don’t need to speed it up.”That comment about not having to ‘speed up’ the removal of homophobia from Poland, smacks of being so ‘out-of-touch’ with how it feels like to live in a homophobic environment!With homophobia in the UK still rampant, how can Chris seriously tackle this as the leader of a British political party, when he effectively says, ‘oh, things will work themselves out.’ They didn’t just ‘work themselves out’ in the UK without a lot of blood, seat tears and they will not in Poland either!Putting aside the potential pun in his statement, he really should think again. Assuming things will ‘work themselves out’ with no further ‘prompting’/ kicking from the EU- how long will that take! Another couple of generations!? Far too long!Action is required now! on all fronts.

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