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Comment: The YouTube revolution

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Reader comments

  1. I think the youtube, wired-up generatio brings a lot of benefits and poses some real threats to society as well.It’s certainly helping emancipating gay people and helps raise awareness of all sorts injustices around the world. It’s an amazing well of scientific knowledge too.But it’s also helping radicaise people too – Al Qaeda, that Finnish neo nazi teenager who went on a killing spree at school, Fred Phelps – the extremists and radicals use it as a way of spreading propaganda too. Sometimes, as in the 9/11 ‘truth’ lobby (where people believe george bush blew up the pentagon and all that pap), or the Creationist lobby in America, they are using it to subvert the truth or create urban myths. I think Youtube, Google, Wikipedia – they’re all very dangerous things. That’s because the many minds out there that are susceptable to wallowing in self-pity, are easily hijacked by malicious ideas. Just like a computer can be taken over by a virus.So if anything, youtube is playing its part in the increasing polarisation of opinion in a hyperconnected global village.This emphasises even more, that kids at school need to be taught how to think and reason properly: “how do I know this is true?”.