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Safe houses for Iraqi gays to close

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 6 Nov 2007, 3:17pm

    “Over 30 gay residents who we cared for in these three safe houses now have to take their chances in a country where religious militiaregularly seek out gays and execute them.”I wonder if the conservatives and other reactionaries who belittled the ideas that ‘jihadist death squads’ are connected to the presence of colonialist American and English armies in Iraq bothered to make a contribution to keep the safe houses open. It doesn’t seem too much to ask them to do, our of a sense of fairness, if nothing eles.

  2. Dreadful that these islamic nutters openly murder gay people in Iraq. We are seeing an increasing incitement to murder gay people by the clerics of hate throughout Europe.And yet barely a peep of condemnation from the “moderate” islamic groups when they do.

  3. When will we realise that not all fellow homosexuals have the freedom and liberties that we take for granted and that we need to support our “extended family “ that is not as privileged/ or have the same security as us.Human sexuality is as much a fundamental right as the right to free speech or the right to freedom and no one, least of all a government elected by the people, has the right to interfere with that.The government that is supposed to represent our interest should take note and make the troupes in Iraq protect the fellow homosexuals being persecuted for their sexuality.Iran is no better, or the plights of those who come to Britain escaping their torture and oppression as our government tend to ignore their plights or make them prove that they are persecuted. (Read my comments: Comment: Stop deporting gay refugees back to Iran click here for the full article)

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