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Gay rabbi hits out at Bible-inspired homophobia

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  1. I always remember the card pinned to the wall of the Commandant’s office in Sachsenhausen.In heavy German Gothic script it decoded the coloured triangles by which the inmates were indentified..communists,socialists,criminals,homosexuals and Jews.The two yellow triangles superimposed on each other to make a Magen David were at the top but I don’t think that the pink triangle was far below.So this decision is a proper reflection of the two communities’ suffering in those times.

  2. I read yesterday that a Jehovas Witness woman refused a blood transfusion after a problematic birth in the UK and died.Now the JWs would justify this death by using Biblical texts but few, outside of the JWs, would accept this or condone the JWs misuse of the Bible.Thus, we know that the Bible can and is used to support just about every prejudice and cruelty if you care to look hard enough. Why then can’t the religious right just come out and admit they are homophobes?

  3. Good for this Rabbi. Not a total surprise as gays in Israel have rights equivalent to those in Western Europe. Sadly, gays in countries surrounding Israel are persecuted due to backward religious laws.

  4. Steven Greenberg is not really “America’s first openly gay rabbi!” He is “America’s first openly gay Orthodox Rabbi.” There were are other openly gay Rabbis, he’s just the first one who was ordained by an Orthodox seminary.

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