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Big Brother cleared over homophobic language

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Reader comments

  1. Laura was warned when she first said poof but C4 didn’t show that first warning. How else do they explain her remark immediately after she said poof the second time – “Oh I mustn’t say poof must I” – or words to that effect. The warning shown by C4 was edited and did not show exactly what happened. C4 have not told the whole truth.

  2. Tom Forrest 5 Nov 2007, 4:22pm

    It is quite insulting and degrading to those bearing the once lovely name Gay to have it hijacked by sexual deviants.

  3. Tom, I notice you’re not complaining about “bent” and “queer” which also had innocent meanings before they were hijacked by bigots as terms of abuse.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 5 Nov 2007, 5:51pm

    How is it Tom?

  5. Am I a sexual deviant now?

  6. John Hesketh 6 Nov 2007, 9:39am

    Liam was called a poof because he wasn’t ‘sufficiently masculine’? er . . are there grades of masculinity? maybe a sort of rainbow or graduated chart we can check ourselves against? poor Liam . .failed the test . .of . .er . . being masculine.

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