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No comment from Bigot of the Year

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 2 Nov 2007, 7:31pm

    Maybe he was on hoilday in Spain, visiting the dungeons where the Inquisitors worked.

  2. Why didn’t they nominate any of the assorted islamic clerics who routinely call for our murder?Presumably too scared. Or maybe just hypocrites.

  3. Why don’t you provide him an e-mail (something like “”) account to send messages to the Bigot of the Year, why wouldn’t we have things to tell him ? Explaining him our different views on his personal behaviour and opinions, on this matter and on gay foundings ? (Because I guess the problem is that we are not speaking on the same grounds about being gay)

  4. I think the worse thing about all this is the absolute hypocrisy in the Church of England.It is well known in “church circles” that the church is stuffed full of Gay clergy – from top to bottom.I personally know of several Anglican clergy in my area living in the closet(ish).I also know of several bishops in the C of E who everyone knows to be Gay – though not open.What’s needed is a mass “outing” and an end to the bigotted hypocrisy once and for all.Rowan Williams knows who these clergy are, the bishops and clergy know and many who move in church circles know their identities. For God’s sake end the whispering and reveal their names!

  5. devlinbach 3 Nov 2007, 4:09pm

    Hey Guys, The new online movie titled ZeitGeist (google it), that is also premiering in LA Nov 10th, is astounding. I now know why we have so many problems with discrimination in all religious factions. Watching this movie online fully resolved all my questions around the church and being a gay American. If you are gay bi or straight, and on the hunt for religious resolution in general, this movie is a must see. Happy Hunting.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Nov 2007, 5:06pm

    Roberto, I could not agree with you more. They SHOULD and MUST be outed. They are the same people as we have here in U.S. political system who remain closeted but vote against equality legislation. They are the reason marriage equality wasn’t offered because they think that marriage is solely a religious institution but forget that it is a civil institution too. The C of E was the thorn in the flesh for Tony Blair pushing for marriage equality as well as the R C church bigots so he had to compromise with civil partnerships, a step in the right direction I suppose. If the C of E had it in its power, there would be no civil partnerships either, much like the republicans in the U.S. who want no marriage equality or anything resembling it either. Didn’t Peter Tatchell out some of the C of E clergy at one time? Maybe someone should out more of them.

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