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Commonwealth meeting could promote homophobia

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Reader comments

  1. first things first HARARE is the capital of ZIMBABWE not UGANDA. that aside i think it’s probably now time for the commonwealth to split like the anglican church should into those countries which are developed, educated, open minded etc and those that are basically uneducated,superstitious, backward and bigotted. The commonwealth could lose the whole of Africa except SA, the entire carribean and most of Asia leaving us with australia/new zealand/canada and the UK, surprise surprise, the 4 countries which between provide virtually ALL the funding taken by the countries which we would lose. I think it’s time we told countries like uganda that if they want to pursue their backward homophobic intolerant policies they STOP getting our money.

  2. Diana didn’t wear gloves.

  3. The Queen is always seen wearing gloves when on duty. It’s a throwback to the ’50s (and a distaste for touching strangers, I imagine) so it’s part of who she is. Don’t read too much into the commonwealth – it is amazing how we’re not supposed to comment on their homophobia because it’s part of their culture, but we are expected to hand out cash, because it’s our responsibility

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 5:13pm

    Andy, I so agree with you. I’ve been advocating that for years. We get nothing out of it. I think there should be political discussion by all parties to do just that. I’m also hoping the Anglican community does decide to have a schism because it will mean that all those third rate, backward societies will lose much of their funding, a huge bulk of it coming from American Episcopalians, the wealthiest of all. I’d love to see Akinola and his rabble squirm at the prospect that they’d have to fend for themselves, or hopefully disappear into oblivion.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 22 Nov 2007, 5:20pm

    apYrs, you’re so right. Andy said much the same thing and I agree with both of you. Its about time to get rid of them, let them fend for themselves. Why should British taxpayers have to prop up bigotry and hypocrisy anyway?

  6. Apart from the glove thing, to borrow a couple of bitingly telling phrases from the legendary “Brass Eye” satirical sketch of some years ago, the people the Queen visited had “good AIDS” whereas the ones Dianna visited had “bad AIDS”.

  7. I think the queen has always neen pretty gay friendly (with the number of gay staff, she’d be daft not to!).When commander Trestrail, her bodyguard, was forced to resign in 1982 after an affair with a male prostitute, she showed her appreciation of him a few years later by inviting him to some formal party. She didn’t have to do that and could easily have forgotten him. It was a nice gesture.And in 1982, the UK was a lot more homophobic than it is now.

  8. Not that I like the institution in any way, but she doesn’t have a great deal of freedom in her official life – she could do the unexpected but her entire upbringing was middle-class confromity.It’s also the case – and in symapathy one must make it – she is 81 years old and still doing the “did you come far?” routine. She’s wheeled out as a political puppet, sent off to places far away when she ought to be slowing up.OK she’s privileged and cosetted, but a long journey at her age is hard work whatever the comfort. Let the old girl wind down, I certainly wouldn’t want my father pulling in those air miles, and kill the institution. Give us a fixed term(s) president who wants to do the glad-handing..

  9. Tom Forrest 24 Nov 2007, 11:20am

    UGANDA a country with moral standards and prepared to defend them, hopefully the UK will return to morality and outlaw homosexuality. It would also help to stem the rise in HIV/AIDS amongst the homo lifestyle set.

  10. “The UK has agreed to give Uganda £700million in aid, the International Development Secretary has announced.” : BBC newsperfectly happy to take money but hate our secular humansm.And Tom Forrest: fuck off! I’ve had it with people like you who batten on the taxes my partner and I pay, yet who think they have the right to judge and stickybeak my life. I don’t care what you do in your life, but don’t try and impose your primitive moralising on me and my friends

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