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Pope to meet Saudi King Abdullah

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Reader comments

  1. These two should have much to discuss like the best way to dispatch a pesky Gay?”Tell me King Abdullah, the sword or the stone? I prefer stones myself”.

  2. Bill Perdue 1 Nov 2007, 8:18pm

    Der Pope and one time NSDAP member Ratzinger and HRH Abdullah of the House of Saud, Lord of the Lash and all-high Murderer of Boys are going to have such great fun together. Later, when the TV crews leave, Ratzinger can amuse HRH with stories about the Inquisition. Abdullah can regale Der Pope with his heroic gay bashing jihads and cackle about 9-11. When their aides have gone they can twitter to each other about the death camps, ODESSA, and how to finally solve the “gay question.”

  3. devlinbach 4 Nov 2007, 2:58am

    Hey Guys, I recommend everyone on the hunt for religious resolution watch the new online movie called ZeitGeist (google it). It could put all these meanderings about gays and religion to rest once and for all. It did for me. Its crisp, its correct, and it may stun you, altering your perceptions of religion forever. OMG imagine that. Happy hunting!

  4. William - Dublin 4 Nov 2007, 7:46pm

    Devlinbach, I have seen this film before. Its very insightful and makes some excellent hypothesises on religion, albeit some of the theories and statements put forward are based on conjecture and not on fact per say.Still, worth watching. Anyone know who made it?Regardless of their orientation, people are smart and stable enough to see ALL religion for what it truly is:- a load of nonsense for weak people who cannot take moral responsibility for their own actions. And here in lies its strength… most people like being told what to believe and what do do, as it saves them the effort of thinking for themselves. Religion gives them a sense of belonging that is probably non-existent in their lives, or rationalises their self loathing (like our intellectually retarded friend Hank, who means well I’m sure, but is full of irrational anger and inward homophobia)

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