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Met found guilty over Menezes shooting

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  1. Commander Paddicks ‘relaxed approach’ to cannabis caused outrage amongst ordinary, law abiding mothers and fathers of Brixton – don’t make it out to be some loony right wing newspaper outrage – families torn apart, young lives ruined, crime fed by this hideous drug that turns young people into stupored, mentally ill brain dead wasters – a stepping stone to harder and harder drugs, a catalyst for muggings, shootings and social break-down. Who wrote this patronizing article? – some pale-face middle class git living in a safe white area who knows nothing about the frontline world of Lambeth council estates and can puff the ocassional spliff and scoff about “right wing press outrage”?, oblivous of the drug-induced social melt-down going on outside the comfort zone of his ivory tower. Paddick will get no votes in Brixton – he just made things worse, much worse here and then moved on.