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Hate church loses Marine funeral case

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  1. This is such good news. Now let’s hope all the other affected families do the same and sue the pants off these weirdos!This has made my day.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2007, 1:03pm

    Roberto, you will see more exposed as we get nearer to November 2008. One of our bloggers, Mike Rogers, a renowned activist/blogist if you will, plans on outing all of them. His list contains 33 names, all of them in politics and almost all of them are republicans, no surprise there.

  3. Can they go after individual members of this Church for the money, or does it have a separate legal identity from the individuals like a plc?On a level of stupidity, picketing killed soldiers funerals because the USA is tolerant of gays takes some beating.

  4. this makes me sick! how insensitive and totally unchristian of these people!!!!! How would THEY like it if I marched with such hateful language on posters during their loved ones’ funeral? Honestly, I cannot believe how they can even justify their actions. I’m surprised the family members of the fallen soldier didn’t react – I’m quite easy-going, but I don’t know if I could keep my cool, even if they’re not worth it. How ironic that they’re holding signs saying, “you’re going to hell” – can anyone else see the irony here? Forget the award in money – stick these people in jail where they belong.

  5. you bible bangers,need to stay in your church not out on the streets were a funeral is taking place and pray to God and give thanks that our Military provides you with the wright to hold up those stupid signs without getting a punch in the mouth by someone like me. You are all assholes that need to get a life or a job or something thats missing in your pathetic lives.

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