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EXCLUSIVE: Major banks drag their feet over civil partnerships

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  1. Tesco have lied to you, they sell insurance products and do not have an option for Civil Partners. See for yourselves, go to their website and start the online quote process for any insurance product.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2007, 5:24pm

    Jim, write to them and ask why they don’t? As long as they can get away with it, they will. Since Civil Partnerships have been in effect for almost two years, there is absolutely NO excuse for any business not to have updated its application forms. They had long enough to prepare before the legislation became effective. I had to renew my UK passport in March this year. I didn’t see any provision for it on the application form either, but maybe the ones I get from the UK consulate here are different.

  3. Tesco does not ask about marital status in relation to insurance quotations, but personal finance application forms for loans do ask about marital status. Jim is right in that they do not provide the option of civil partnership. Tesco finance should, therefore, be boycotted by individuals in civil partnerships.Neville

  4. Neville, they do ask for marital status on vehicle insurance applications, if you add an additional driver they ask for the drivers relationship to you but don’t provide an option for Civil Partners. I have complained about this but they never replied.It’s not just Tesco though, the HBOS companies do the same thing as do many others.For this reason, I only insure my home and vehicles with companies who provide a CP option.Privilege are another, Sheila’s Wheels, Esure – there are too many to mention.

  5. A good company for insurance needs is Liverpool Victoria. It provides the option of civil partnership.

  6. Thanks Neville, that’s who I’m with! lol

  7. It is interesting that, despite adverse publicity and their assurances that a change would be made to their application forms, Smile still do not provide the option of civil partnership on their forms.

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