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Gay hate church trial nears end

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Reader comments

  1. Totally sex obsessed! If ever a family needed therapy the Phelps-Roper’s need it urgently. They’re one sick, sex obsessed family.

  2. Does reading this bring to mind the words “absolutely demented psychos”?

  3. yoshihisa fujise 31 Oct 2007, 3:44pm

    If the Phelps family is so obsessed with the idea that homosexuality is banned by the Bible, why do they not abide by the other laws set forth, such as not eating pork or shellfish, and the other dietary laws and restrictions placed on women in ancient times; no work after sundown on Friday, etc. And they should worship God in the same way as the Old Testament tells, for example, that David danced naked before the Ark! I’ve yet to see that worship!This arrogant homophobic family isa “Cafeteria Christian”family, picking and choosing what they like from the Bible.

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