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Rock Hudson bedded Dean to win bet with Liz Taylor

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Reader comments

  1. Catalina Garcia 30 Oct 2007, 8:35pm

    Personally, knowing Elizabeth as I do, she was married at the time to Michael Wilding, and did not “sleep around”. This is another example of Homosexuals attempting to make it look as though EVERYONE is homoized. Dean was deeply in love with Italian beauty Pier Angeli at the time. He was NOT a bi-sexual, although was from a troubled home. Next, you’ll be accusing REAL men like Paul Newman or Robert Mitchum of loving men. NOT SO!!!!

    1. What might a “REAL man” be? Do tell.

    2. “Dean was deeply in love with Italian beauty Pier Angeli”

      Thanks for a laugh,
      you total ignorance is amusing.

    3. “Real Men”?!?

      Seriously? What are gay men then? Constructed from lego bricks?
      The 1950s just called, you’re supposed to be putting dinner on the table about now.

  2. Bill Perdue 30 Oct 2007, 11:14pm

    Catalina Garcia? Any relation to Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher , LG , OM , PC, and etc.? A reincarnation of Anita Bryant? The truth is Dean slept around a lot, with boys, not girls. All the gay boys in La LA land are or were in love with this or that starlet. It’s the oldest game in town and it was necessary because of homobigoted sows.

  3. I have also heard a story along the lines that Liz fancied both of them (who the hell wouldn’t) but was annoyed because they were only into each other.
    Catalina García – pathetic paranoid drivel. It is precisely the other way around. The moment gays suggest that we are not a vanishly small group of exotic freaks in a wall-to-wall hetero world you homophobes accuse us of saying everyone is like us. Rubbish. You just hate the idea that there are far more of us that you like, and that a lot of famous figures you want to fantasise about as 100% like you in order to validate your defined ‘normality’ like to get it on with their own sex, or both sexes. And get a grip about ‘real men’. It’s you who need some coaching on ‘reality’.

  4. “This is another example of Homosexuals attempting to make it look as though EVERYONE is homoized”

    What on earth are you talking about? Do you seriously expect a logical answer to such a nonsense statement?

    1. I think he’s been drinking too much homoized milk, we all know what that can do to you (lol)

  5. Mr Ripley's Asscrack 18 Jun 2011, 12:58pm

    Ditto, Bill, aka Catalina Garcia, famous commercial artist from Columbia. As Hollywood actors were a commodity to the studios, everything they did (in the public arena) was controlled and contrived. Whether Jimmy Dean was gay or not, will probably never be known (cause nobody talks!) and, sadly, he didn’t live long enough. I’ve read that there were rumours around JD that he was into SM or at least allowed himself to be used as such to get parts by Directors and Casting Agents attached to the Hollywood studios. I don’t know where I read that, or even if people care anymore about the subject, but JD did portray a sexually confused young man very well!!

    1. The sexual preference of Hudson and Dean are their business. But why should we beieve Noreen Nash, a “former Hollywood starlet”? Taylor, Hudson, and Dean are dead and can’t refute a word.

      1. Spanner1960 29 Apr 2013, 1:08am

        Well you can’t libel the dead.
        Nevertheless, all I can say is “blimey!”

  6. Keith in SALFORD 2 Oct 2013, 7:21pm

    Why bother?
    It all ends in ash, anyway.


  7. I don’t understand why this is considered so surprising to some. This is Hollywood, driven by people who are naturally creative and have spent years surrounded by more eclectic people and more sexually aware people too. It’s in the nature of the art to be daring, adventurous, experimental etc, which is why there’s also a lot of drug and alcohol abuse.

    It’s common knowledge that there are – to this day – a hell of a lot of bisexual and closeted men in the entertainment business, there always has been.
    There are so many opportunities for people in this business to experience new things and discover new preferences, and being experimental is part of the life of being an actor.

    Then there are of course power structures and abuse of position – there are always rumours about actresses sleeping their way into a part, and the same undoubtedly happens to men too.

    Thanks to our evolution socially, it’s now more acceptable to come out, or even just to suggest bisexuality occasionally.

  8. floridahank 6 Oct 2013, 5:25pm

    I would guess that 90% of Hollyweird has no idea what it is to be faithful and honest to their partner — they all act like immature sex nuts — they have too much $$$ and too much spare time and don’t do anything that’s lasting and productive to a progressive society. They don’t contribute anything but a short, entertaining bit of time during their lifetime. It’s always encouraging when they actually do something charitable and noteworthy.

    1. BlokeToys 8 Oct 2013, 2:45pm

      I don’t think this is exclusive to Hollywood in any way. Couldn’t it just be that people want to find out these things, and these people have swarms of pap’s chasing them?
      No one cares if you cheat on your partner, but everyone seems to care if a Hollywood celeb does it.
      This is about the business, not about it being more prevalent in Hollywood than anywhere else.
      If we all led lives interesting to gossip magazines, there would ten thousand stories of cheating spouses in every publication every single day.

    2. BlokeToys 8 Oct 2013, 2:49pm

      I also think you significantly diminish the value of art with your statement.
      Human society has a long tradition of passing information to the next generation through storytelling, this is an intrinsic part of Humanity. You might think this is meaningless, but Hollywood (however self-indulgent and overpaid) is an extension of this Human need to tell stories and feed imagination.
      I might not agree with all the trash Hollywood pumps out, or their lifestyles and the unending glory we pour on them as a result, but I at least understand the very Human need to create, to relay stories, to inspire and to foster imagination.
      I think you’re missing out on a big part of that notion with your suggestion that it’s all meaningless.

  9. Alex Serpa 6 Oct 2013, 6:12pm

    According to Hudson’s book, ROCK HUDSON HIS STORY, the only official biography, they were not. He even said he HATED Dean because he thought the movie was being upstaged by him. He wished him dead and felt great guilt when Dean tragically died.

  10. REV VINCENT 7 Oct 2013, 2:02am

    At this point Dean’s sexual orientation is fully immaterial to the discussion because we will never know for certain. I remember Dean in the movie “Giant”, and I was awestruck. It would be a few years before I “discovered” my own homosexuality. As for Liz Taylor, she was a lightning rod for HIV and AIDS support and research and God has blessed us for her tireless work in that area. As to gays in theater, motion pictures and TV, I thank God that it no longer is such a big issue. I have witnessed great progress since I came out 45 years ago with my first partner, a time when it was actually pretty dangerous.

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