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RAF among new entries in Stonewall recruitment guide

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Reader comments

  1. John Hunt 1 Nov 2007, 2:16am

    Was the Tory legislation only pretended homophobia when they introduced Section 28 in the 1988 Local Government Act? Why did Labour take so long to repeal it and other homophobic laws? Almost all the legislative improvements since 1997 have been because of European Directives: in some cases watered down by Labour, and in others actively opposed by them in the European courts. Labour and the Tories clearly have a desperate need to get into the Guide. But the Green Party is genuinely inclusive: see and

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Nov 2007, 12:54pm

    John, am a long time member of the Green Party, the only party that is truly for inclusivity. Good to see it has gained some control in Ireland too and part of the government at long last.

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