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Cameron denies joking about Lithuanian lesbians

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Reader comments

  1. So a representative of one of the most homophobic states in Europe accuses the most gay-friendly Tory leader in history(which granted isn’t saying much) of making a vaguely homophobic comment, a comment he’s already denied making. What nonsense.Your own site states that fully half of Lithuanian parliamentarians think being gay is a perversion. Are we actually supposed to believe its paid mouthpieces have received enough Sensitivity Training to even recognize such a remark as homophobic, let alone take offense? Come off it. For some reason, it became politically convenient for the Lithuanian ambassador to make a damaging insinuation about Cameron. The why and what of THAT is the real story.

  2. Still, I’ve always thought he looks a bit silly. Not that I’m judgemental, mind.

  3. Lithuanians ? … Aren’t they the right wing Catholics that only legalised homosexuality to get EU membership and the subsidies it entails … and they’re upset? … DO I CARE?

  4. Bill Perdue 30 Oct 2007, 5:07pm

    The authentic voice of Conservatism, and for once not hiding in a convent.

  5. Sheeesh, anyone who complains about this needs to get a grip.About as offensive as a mother in law joke.Though some humourless marxists will doubtless start foaming at the mouth with indignation.

  6. Bill Perdue 30 Oct 2007, 7:52pm

    Why do Conservatives always end up apologizing for bigots? Because they know who their allies are.

  7. Catalina Garcia 30 Oct 2007, 8:42pm

    There is no such thing as homophobia. Translated intelligently, homo (Mankind) phobia (Fearful of) correctly means “Fear of Mankind”. I have no fear of mankind. I am a female who loves males. That’s NORMAL and the way it SHOULD BE. Bi-sexuals are just humans without any moral scruples at all, and will have sex with anything just to satisfy their own lusts. Sodom was destroyed for these unnatural acts. Soon all mankind will face judgment, as we are now living in great aposotasy, especially the Royal Family and other world PEDIPHILE leaders.

  8. Oooh … nothing like a loony to cheer things up

  9. Homo is from the Greek homos, which means “same” and phobia is from phobos which means “fear” – so it is a silly word, but not the one you thought. You’re English is almost as bad as your Greek; you can’t spell paedophile either.Stick to your Bible. I take it you have the pop-up version, it must be a great comfort to someone with your low intellect. I do wonder why these freaks read gay sites, it’s a bit like Mary Whitehouse watching all that porn…

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