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Candidate drops out of election over nude photos on gay sites

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Reader comments

  1. Just one word describes this man: HYPOCRITE!

  2. Sitster Mary Clarence 29 Oct 2007, 9:40pm

    ‘Quah has since offered an apology saying, “I hope that this does not reflect on the membership of the Family First Party – decent, hardworking and dedicated people”‘ – oh I think it f**king does

  3. Just another sad case that provides more evidence that Shakespeare had it right about people who “protest too much”.

  4. This article suggests that Family First is a puny player in Oz politics; not at all. In South Australia, its two upper house members have drafted anti-paedophile legislation, which has been unquestionably supported by both Labor and Liberal parties. it makes thinking people feel uneasy, as they are ferociously anti-gay, and when finished with the paedos, they could well move onto the rest of South Australia’s gays. Puny? Not on my nelly!

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