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Lions for Lambs

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  1. James Lightfield 27 Oct 2007, 6:09pm

    What really happened at Paramount was that Tom Cruise — a very sharp businessman — had tailored a superb contract with Paramount. On MI-3, Cruise personally pocketed $70 million, which was more than Parmount received for MI-3. Cruise’s contract was in negotations and Paramount was not going to renew the contract under the same conditions and offered Cruise a second-rate deal. Cruise Wagner were bowing out when Sumner Redstone made his public attack on Cruise’s “bankability” and fired him.Don’t overlook the fact that Cruise generated $2.5 billion for Paramount.(After Cruise became part owner of United Artists, Redner went on record saying that he would like to be friends again with Cruise. How likely is that?)Incidentally, why refer to Scientology as a cult? The world’s most respected theologians and religious scholars, including Urbano Alonso Galan, a Vatican advisor on non-Catholic religions and Fumio Sawada, leader of Japan’s oldest religion (Yu-itsu Shinto), concluded that Scientology is a religion in every aspect. Read what these scholars wrote: Millions of NON-Scientologists are using Hubbard’s solutions to resolve problems in life. Anyone can learn them at .