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Interview: The Tories, gays and education

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  1. “schools, if they are funded by the state, have to be a prejudice-free zone”No, Michael – schools have to be a prejudice-free zone. Just, schools. Not schools with a qualifier licensing the promotion of bigotry on a “special case” basis. Just, schools. Because it isn’t the children who have to endure the culture of intolerance and intimidation at those “special case” schools who choose which school they go to.I’ll be carrying on voting Lib Dem. They don’t have to dig out the token gay-friendly person in the party for an interview like this.

  2. Oh dear, oh dear, and he’s supposed to represent the new enlightened Tories. One swallow doesn’t make a summer (although I’m sure he’d object to the use of the word ‘swallow’ as it may have a sexual connotation). The fact is that the rest of his party are still a load of scabby old buzzards with nasty, evil, Nazi, homophobic opinions.

  3. Jane, pulling it back to reality, it was actually a Conservative government that lead this country in the fight AGAINST the Nazis in the second world war.Your ignorance of history I can forgive, but by bandying around the term Nazi at anyone you dislike I cannpt. You completely dishonour the memory of all those who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazis. Possibly you wouldn’t think their deaths so cheap if it were your loved ones who perished.

  4. why do seemingly intellegent people start floundering around when relgion is introduced. It’s not rocket science – it’s simply wrong to discriminated against gay/black/women people full stop.

  5. Sister Mary Clarence 24 Oct 2007, 10:30am

    I think the point he is making is that the government does not have the same level of jurisiction over schools not state funded.

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 24 Oct 2007, 10:31am

    ‘jurisdiction’ – oops

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