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Gay activists picket Saudi embassy

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Reader comments

  1. May Allah bless you for loving and being loved. My he be the ultimate judge, may those who commit these dispicable crimes against homosexuals meet their fair and just judgement one day.Amen

  2. What a lovely religion. And let’s not forget we have our fair share of mad mullahs in this country openly advocating killing us. Should we object, the shriek of “islamophobia” is all too expected.Perhaps, The Grauniad, Independent, Ken Livingstone and George Galloway would like to comment? Presumably, the last two would be too scared of losing too many votes amongst their constituents.

  3. There should be international outrage and condemnation about this act of barbarity but of course we are deafened by the silence.Where is Brown etc and why isn’t our government saying something.How I detest and hate the Saudi regime for being the vile, cruel hypocrites they are.

  4. When does “freedom of religion” become a hate crime? Even the Nazis supported their murder of the Jews by saying it was ordered in the Bible. We need liberal Muslims to take a position on this and tell the world that fundamentalist Muslims are wrong. The religion needs to evolve to be a “good neighbor” to everyone, promoting love and tolerance, or the religion needs to be suppressed for its promotion of hate crimes.

  5. Actually Robbie, after some searching over time I have discovered Muslims brave enough to speak out against the outrages perpetrated by hard line Islam. Here are a couple of interesting links you might find interesting:

  6. The homophobic aspect of Islam is the tip of the iceberg so to speak,as this way of Life has no tolerance of whatever we hold dear in the West and demands, I repeat, demands total world submission to its practices; there is ultimately no half way house with Sharia Law despite the protestations of ‘moderate’ People of the Faith and the sooner the West wakes up to this unpalatable fact,the wiser and safer we will all be!

  7. Andrew Meyer 9 Oct 2007, 5:57am

    Damn skippy, Phillip. I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I think I may pass this on to friends of mine who have a Friends of Islam group at my old high school, and help them get a grassroots thing going.

  8. Harry, Bahrain 22 Oct 2007, 1:03pm

    It’s ironic really, because most Saudi men like it up the Gary Glitter and the mullahs encourage it because it stops them having premarital “sex”!

  9. i am gay in riyadh

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