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JK Rowling reveals Potter character is gay

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Reader comments

  1. JKthanks. thanks for standing up for us. i love your books and every time you open your mouth you make me proud to be british.

  2. Carl, London 20 Oct 2007, 11:06pm

    Hurray for JK!Shes going to be burnt at the stake by the US Christians now!See JESUS CAMP the amazing Oscar winning documentary to see what she – and what we are – up against!

  3. When I first read this, I was delighted, but, then a friend made me rethink: “By not making him clearly gay in the series, she’s as good as saying that homosexuality is something to be ashamed of. If it she weren’t, then she would’ve written him as gay in the books. *shrug* (And I do not buy the whole “it’d give the religious groups something else to dislike” argument. They were never going to like the books and why should she care if they had one more thing to dislike, if she was being honest in her writing?)”Then I realized that she more than likely didn’t out him, because it would have affected the sales of her books *eyeroll*

  4. I honestly don’t see the distinction of Dumbledore being a homosexual. JK might have written it like that, it is most definitely not blatant in the books. Although I am a Christian, I love the Harry Potter books, and stand up for them in every conversation I have about them being “good or bad.” Personally, I see many Christ-like themes, and religious themes in the books that I can not help but see it as good, and nothing but good. I commend JK for writing such imaginative and spectacular books. Thank you!

  5. Oh, you just have to watch this video it combines Harry Potter the whole gay thing…….makes me chuckle everytime I watch it!

  6. Robin Kilgore 27 Jul 2009, 3:24am

    How fantastic…a very interesting twist to the series. I think the effectiveness is in learning to know and love the character without any preconceived prejudice being introduced. It illustrates so cleverly that “gay” people are really just like everyone else in their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. People are “born” this way, just as Harry was born with his “gifts”…the only ‘choice’involved is whether to realize and live one’s TRUTH. Thank you, JK Rowling, for expanding the World of Harry Potter and giving it so much more depth.

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