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Policeman fined for homophobic remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Mr. Roberts, this article is absolutely unintelligible as written.What is a “predominantly clientele”?What do you mean by “Staff and customers said insulting remarks and jokes and asked “why am I in a gay pub?”?There seem to be a few important words missing.

  2. There were problems with this story which have now been corrected. Apologies.

  3. Malcolm Lidbury 19 Oct 2007, 5:39pm

    The police officer should transfer to Devon Cornwall. His homophobic attitude will seemingly be welcome with open arms by the Constabulary!RE:-Devon Cornwall Police HOMOPHOBIA!In Cornwall, some members of the 2007 LGBT Gay PRIDE steering group have stood down out of fear of homophobic police reprisals against them as gay people.Cornwall PRIDE group had previously voted on three separate meetings to exclude involvement by (Cornwall*) police on this years 2007 PRIDE day, due to gay community growing concerns about police attitudes towards gay persons. Just days before the PRIDE day on August bank holiday, police arrested one of the organisers, held him in custody for over 16hours.Genuine anger expressed by some at comments in the national LGBT Pink Paper newspaper by Aaron Piper, Cornwall police diversity manager that arrest of a member of the Cornwall Pride steering group did not put in jeopardy the PRIDE day. ‘PC Piper was wrong, and it is exactly this sort of deliberate common place public misinformation by police causing distrust of Cornwall police in the informed sectors of the local gay community’ said a Cornwall PRIDE steering group member. The Cornwall Gay PRIDE day very much put in peril by arrest on false allegations, a member of the PRIDE steering group just days before the PRIDE day. (The person who originally made allegations against a gay man has made numerous phone calls texts to people apologising, telling them they have withdrawn the allegation, explaining they had felt pressured into making the allegation by police and the accuser’s now x-partner). PC Aaron Pipers belligerent and misinformed response seen as further demonstration of lack of police understanding regarding strength of feeling and anger in parts of Cornwall’s fractured and vulnerable gay population. “I personally believe this false allegation was used by police as means of payback for open honest justified criticism of police by gay people voting to exclude police from the Cornwall gay PRIDE day. As a gay person, I do not trust the Cornwall police force on any gay issue,” said one of the PRIDE steering group who is now considering leaving Cornwall altogether.Some gay PRIDE members suggested canceling the 2007 Cornwall LGBT PRIDE beach day because of hostile police action. However, it was felt this would only have suited elements in the Cornwall homophobic police force.More recently, post -Pride event, it was discovered many gay persons stayed away in fear from the 2007 Cornwall PRIDE beach day because of concern of aggressive Cornwall police targeting, reaction and conduct regarding a former naturist beach at Penhale in Cornwall. An unofficial naturist beach for 40 years but targeted last year by Cornwall police because gay men said to use it. Genuine irony Aaron Piper announced Appointment of three new Cornwall diversity officers last year. These as a direct result of an Independent Police Complaints Commission enquiry in 2006 into Devon Cornwall Constabulary conduct following complaints from one gay man. The very same gay man Cornwall police ironically then targeted and arrested just days before the 2007 Cornwall gay PRIDE day. (Previously in 1997, the Criminal Justice Probation Service was put in charge of the Cornwall Isles of Scilly Health Authority Cornwall Gay Men’s Health Project…as ALL gay men in Cornwall were perceived as potential sexual criminals.)In 2005, Lord Justice Kay Criminal Justice award research established 354 homophobic incidents reported to Devon Cornwall Constabulary, but only 13 were ever finalised in Court. Generally, the Cornwall police attitude which comes across is gay people get what they deserve regarding ‘HATE CRIME’. “I recently sat in on a police interview of a gay victim of an attempted blackmail. You could have cut police animosity towards the gay victim with a pickaxe. Cornwall police dismissed the case, completely ignoring a gay eye witness ”, said Sue, a women’s member of the Cornwall PRIDE steering group and also member of women’s OUTBACK group.Peter, an 18 yr old youth member of the Cornwall PRIDE steering group said:-“On two separate incidents Cornwall police have refused to take a statement from me as a gay person and direct eyewitness regarding abuse incidents where a gay person was the victim, but that’s just what Cornwall police are like. I myself abused by Cornwall police in a botched ‘stop and search’ with public strip search carried out in a chapel coffee morning. According to police, because I had ‘blue hair’ at the time. I do not trust by experience, Cornwall police on anything regarding gay people. As a result I voted for NO involvement of the HOMOPHOBIC Cornwall police force in the 2007 Cornwall gay PRIDE day”. See Peter’s video: – Peters story in full: – “False allegations have been made against a gay man where there have been numerous other people clearly and equally involved in lawful behavior. However, police have singled out, arrested, targeted, and persecuted him relentlessly over a four-year period. “I believe this is a deliberately orchestrated vendetta by Cornwall’s police to silence a gay critic of continuing problems of homophobic policing. It is odious and sinister on part of what I sincerely believe is a deeply prejudicial Criminal Justice Service in Cornwall.” Said a friend of the gay man, who does not wish to be identified.See Cornwall Police Homophobia video:- When in 2006, gay equality issues raised in ‘Fagbutts’, a local Cornish newsletter campaigning for gay equality. Devon Cornwall police headquarters responded to take legal action to prevent publication and distribution of the gay newsletter. Direct written quote: “The Constabulary will not tolerate such publications nor the distribution of such publications and will take robust action against you should such documents be published and distributed in the future” Senior Force Legal Officer. Indicative of depth of Police homophobia in Cornwall.According to some gay people in Cornwall, the problem is one of a gross lack of honesty, impartiality, integrity, and transparency of conduct operative throughout the Cornwall force when it comes to local police denial of their ingrained prejudicial handling, treatment, and hostile attitude towards gay persons, gay equality laws, age of consent, and gay lifestyles.The chair of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has vowed to tackle allegations of homophobic behavior and homophobic police misconduct However, gay people abused by Cornwall police will not be holding their breath in anticipation of any realistic outcome to protect gay people!In 2005, the Home Office stated Homophobia was ‘endemic’ within the police force. Nothing has changed in 2007 with homophobic attitudes in the local yokel rural police force of Cornwall. A yawning chasm exists between lip service, spin, and platitudes spouted by Cornwall County Council, Devon Cornwall police and Justice Services about equality diversity law and fair treatment of gay persons. Homosexuality may have been decriminalized forty years ago and gay men may have an equal age of consent with heterosexuals since 2001, but in Cornwall, the criminal justice services start from a position that gay men are still criminal by nature of their sexuality. Gay equality laws simply disregarded by authorities in rural provincial backwaters like Cornwall, which may as well be on the moon and a million miles from Compton Street or STONEWALL headquarters in London.NB: In Oct 2007, Devon Cornwall police came thirty-third out of the forty-three national police forces in the United Kingdom in the government police performance table. Brutal reality is one of institutional misconduct and poor delivery of equality of service to gay people in Cornwall. Those who experience homophobic attitudes, misconduct by Cornwall police, and dare to be critical, find them-selves isolated and on receiving end of a targeted vicious vindictive police instigated homophobic motivated vendetta.

  4. Bill Perdue 20 Oct 2007, 2:54pm

    The homobigotry and racism exhibited by Peter O’Kane and, if Malcolm Lidbury is correct, most cops in the to Devon and Cornwall force are symptoms of a pathological compulsive disorder that seeks to victimize others. Another incident like this recently occurred in the United States when police were called to quell a gay bashing by thugs in Rochester, New York, in which two groups of people were assaulted in separate attacks. “A total of eight people were attacked, beaten, kicked and hit with a metal pipe. Instead of arresting the gay bashers, police arrested the victims, even calling one of them a ‘drunken dyke.’” Another similar incident of unlawful police homobigotry recently occurred in Bermuda. Unless very harsh measures are taken against lawbreakers in the police, prosecutorial and fire fighting services incidents like these will continue unabated. For the most part self confessed racists and bigots like Peter O’Kane should be fired, with loss of pension and benefits. If their crimes involve physical violence they should be given ruthless jail sentences. If they’re just fined and slapped on their simian paws, they’ll be back on the streets taking it out on gays, lesbians and people of color. Perhaps Peter O’Kane can get Potato Head Murphy, defender of fire service bigots or some other Conservative Party apologist to come to his defense. They could say it was just a harmless prank, or protected private speech, or they could say what they really mean, that bigotry and racism are acceptable to them.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 20 Oct 2007, 4:17pm

    Bill, you’re so right about that. Bigotry is the reason why there is no marriage equality in the US and UK too and everywhere else for that matter except the golden five, the real democracies.

  6. Sister Mary Clarence 20 Oct 2007, 9:41pm

    The guy made homophobic and racist remarks. We have laws against it. He was prosecuted under those laws. He was found guilty. He was sentenced and subsequent to that, he will most likely lose his job.What I think this shows, is that when racism and homophobia rear their ugly heads we have mechanisms to deal with them, and that these mechanisms are sometimes used to effect.Had the story said that he made such remarks and that he was not prosecuted for making them, or that he was prosecuted but the prosecution was unsuccessful I would have had more of a problem with it.Not sure how any of this relates to a lesbian getting beaten with a pipe, but I’m sure you’ll happily give me a slagging off because I don’tWith regard to Devon and Cornwall police, it must be true be, I suppose, because you read it on the internet. If we were all to believe half the crap you spout on here, God only knows what sort of state we would be in – a worse one I’m sure though.I can’t for the life of me understand why you think the world hates us so much.

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