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Dancing boys a mark of prestige in Afghanistan

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  1. Illustrates nicely how utterly hypocratic Islam is. This sort of paedophilia by wealthy menin Islamic countries has gone on for centuries yet we still see Gay men hanging n Iran – whilst at the same time they enjoy Gay sex! hyporites.

  2. Afghanistan Expert 22 Oct 2007, 3:37pm

    I’m an American guy who lived quite openly with his partner for almost four years in Afghanistan. The attitudes there toward same-sex interaction are surprisingly tolerant; in fact, I would say that the views expressed in this article were much more intolerant than the majority of Afghans would hold. In particular, the association of “bacha-baazi” with abuse is more complicated than it appears. I also disagree slightly with the previous commenter who talks about the hypocrisy of Islam. Yes, there are many Muslims who are hypocritical on a lot of subjects. But it’s more accurate to state that Islam, at least in Afghanistan, does not play much of a role in determining an individual’s personal behavior or value system — those cultural characteristics were determined centuries ago and Islam has had very little influence over them.

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