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Homophobia turns young people off Christianity

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  1. Seriously, do people really expect us in the church to bend the church to the way of the culture?! Just because you all except homosexuality as gospel don’t expect us to do so. And if that means people don’t come to church well so be it, but at last check the life of faith isn’t a popularity contest, nor is it a product to be marketed and sold to consumers. If you don’t like the confines that God places on sexuality then go feel free to do what you want, just don’t expect the church’s blessing. I just find it really humorous that so many want acceptance by the church yet ya’ll want the church to bend to you instead of you bending to God. But, I’m probably wasting my time posting this, I do so only in the hopes that someone reading might understand that God’s ways are not the world’s ways and that God calls Christians to be in the world but not of it. Furthermore, if the church were just like the world, and God just reflected culture then what in the world would we be saved from? What would make the church different than the world? How silly it would be for us in the church to stand and proclaim that we are an option from the world when we simply reflect that which the world offers. *sigh.

  2. Jeremy – God’s ways are not simply unknowable, they are unproven in every major respect. Gay people actually exist, and that’s an important starting block for anything I believe – kind of helps bridge the credibility gap if I can see, hear and touch something. I wouldn’t jettision my lifestyle on the basis of what anyone’s invisible unprovable friend has to say on the matter, otherwise I’d just be trawling mental institutions asking folks what the little man that lives behind the radiator thinks about sex before marriage.

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