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Christian banned from library after campaign against gay staff

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Reader comments

  1. Oh dear, is he really christian?..well how un-christian to treat another person in this ignorant way..10 hail mary’s and a stint of volunteering at the library id say is a fit enough punishment..Oh and will the police now investigate him for incitement to hatred as part of recent leglislation?..Well done Leigh Library Staff for sticking together for equality!

  2. This guy is just obnoxious. Shock, horror! a gay bloke offers to help him in a library and he throws a hissy fit. Oh, the trauma!It’s not as though he was asked to sing “I am what I am” in drag in the middle of a gay carnival float. Perhaps that would have been a fitting punishment.

  3. Owen John Price 23 Oct 2007, 11:00am

    A terrible day for free speach, why this poor man can’t speak out against what he sees as wrong I don’t know.I have nothing against gays but this is too much

  4. Oh Owen John Price, I love your “All my best friends are gay and I really do have nothing against them but I am going out of my way to defend this man’s awful behaviour towards them” attitude. The point is this: that all people ought to be treated with respect. And the person whose cause you are championing very clearly did not treat the member of staff at Leigh Library with due respect. He can hardly be surprised if the favour is returned to him.

    As for the Christian element to all of this, I would really like to quote the thoughts of Jesus on the subject of homosexuality. But I can’t as he did not make any.

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