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Stars speak up for gay rights in Singapore

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Reader comments

  1. “No officer Long Suk, it’s OK, yes it’s true that my boyfriend and I are engaging in anal and oral sex here in the car, but it’s alright because we’re both hetrosexual”.

  2. BOYCOTT SINGAPORE and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Don’t spend money in a country that relies heavily on tourism but has laws against homosexuality and is able to lock you up for two years for being gay.

  3. bruce marais 24 Oct 2007, 1:22pm

    It’s incredible that in this day and age, especially in first world countries, there could be any form of discrimination towards gays! I used to think of Singapore as a forward-thinking country, I mean you can even put your own face on a stamp there! Then again, in a country where it’s illegal to chew bubblegum, how can you expect to have sex with another man? What’s next? Will it become illegal to greet your neighbour? Bruce Marais,South Africa

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