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Concerns about gays in the UK Armed Forces revealed

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Reader comments

  1. Dominick J. Di Noto 15 Oct 2007, 3:13pm

    NOW that’s a choice and it’s Tough if those who left the service was because of someones sexual orientation.

  2. Malcolm Lidbury 15 Oct 2007, 6:02pm

    My former partner left the armed services this year after seven years service…he did so because his sexuality had become known.The common place saying with reference to gay people within his branch of the British armed services was…”It may be legal but its still not allowed”

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 15 Oct 2007, 8:38pm

    Malcolm, if being allowed to serve openly in the military is legal, then it was nobody’s place to tell him that its still not allowed? Do they think we’re all a bunch of sexual predators or pedophiles? Seems to me the majority of bigoted straights equate us with both. If I were your ex, I’d pursue it even afer the fact. If being gay isn’t allowed, then neither should it be allowed for heterosexuals. They can’t have it both ways. No wonder there’s a need for a hate crimes law with morons like that serving this country. I’m sick and tired of the hypocrisy, bigotry and doublestandards.

  4. Malcolm, Robert is quite right. This is what is known as “constructive dismissal” and you can pursue this through any decent employment lawyer.

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