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“Outed” Vatican priest suspended by Vatican

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  1. Oh, we’re ALL too familiar with men like this in America.We call them “Family Values Fundamentalist Republicans.”They’re forever doing “research” on those evil homa-sek-shul heathens in the bathroom stalls and public parks and chatrooms across America.US Sen. Larry Craig, US Congressman Mark Foley, Gay “Researcher” and harasser Peter LaBarbara, FL State Senator Bob Allen, Rev. Ted Haggard and the 20 or so other high profile homosexual homophobes who have been CAUGHT just over the last year.I guess some things are universal.

  2. Sister F***y your comments have been removed because your name is offensive. Please choose another name if you wish to make comments on this site.

  3. Bill Perdue 23 Oct 2007, 5:43am

    Tomasso better be careful. Ratzi, The Mother of All Godfathers, knows where he lives. He could end up ‘sleeping with the fishes” if Ratzi sends Clemenza looking for him.

  4. He could save a forest by having a list of Catholic priests who are straight rather than ones who are gay!

  5. Gays are their own worse enemy. ‘Evil Queen’ wasn’t coined for nothing.All the best.

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