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Young Tory resigns over homophobic Facebook group

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Hairy Valance 12 Oct 2007, 12:14pm

    And he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Sister Mary Clarance 12 Oct 2007, 3:49pm

    “…. has been thrown out of the party and suspended from his university after making homophobic and anti-Semitic remarks ….”True to their word then, it does look like there has been a bit of a shift in the Conservative Party.I’m sure as many people reading this are aware, such a reaction was unlikely a few years ago.I note that the Labour Party did not react quite so decisively following the successful prosecution of one of their own when found guilty of accusing a gay opponent of being a paedophile.In fact as reported in the press Labour MP Harry Cohen and around thirty supporters showed up at court in support of Miranda Grell, a popular councillor from Leyton in east London.The gay community has long wanted the Conservative Party to change its stance on homosexuality. Hopefully this can be seen as another small step in the right direction.Not there yet, but hopefully heading in the right direction.

  3. And there you have it folks!The official “things aren’t what they seem” pro-gay spin to a story of Conservative homophobia from PinkNews’ very own ambassador from Tory headquarters.Brilliant how you got that dig to the Labour Party in there as well Sister Kissatori Sass! You really are a pro. I hope Cameron and the gang are paying you well. Exactly how much does a soul go for these days?

  4. So a complete nobody makes homophobic remarks and the Tories chuck him out.Has ken livingstone disowned his chum the islamic cleric Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi who openly advocates killing us? No, didn’t think so.I don’t support the Tories, but find the sanctimonious hypocrisy of those of the political Left laughable.

  5. Sister Mary Clarance 12 Oct 2007, 5:59pm

    Zeke ….It is understandable that people posting comments on here will have different opinions. It is a place for different opinions to be aired. People will often vote for different political parties. It is their right to do so. Everyone should be able to post comments on here without fear of attack from you and a small number of other people.Anyone is welcome to comment on articles on this site, but comment on the article and leave the personal attacks on others for another place.

  6. I’m no Tory voter,,, but to be fair to the Tory Party, so far they have been robust and completely clear in their reaction to this (now ex) Tory Party member.

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