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Gay man in train crash death “not suicidal”

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  1. andi conway horbury 27 Jan 2009, 8:39pm

    as a former lover of bryan drysdales, and no comments ever came forward at the time of the incident that caused such tragic circumstances for so many, i fel it was now the time some 4 years later. Brian was a lovely man, yes hewas tormented by his sexuality, but in all honesty and a heavy heart, there was no way that he would have wished to endanger life, people may conclude that he delberately ended his life,with that taking other peoples too, bt the coroners verdict should be held in question, he was never suicidal at any time in his life, yes he may have been seeking hel and support, and eventually cried out for it,ut he would never end his own life after 48 years. why speak now you may think, well after 4 years time heals, and i would like pink readers to no that how ever bad things get in life, we all do things for a reason, that reason may be out of our control, yet although we never find the answer, may it be some comfort to those who new brian drysdale as well as i did, that he suffered within, he would be devasated if he new he had caused so much hurt pain d suffering to others, this does notdress the balance of course, but it opens things up for hose who question what they may have gone through. god bless to all those who became a victim of this horriic tragedy.