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EXCLUSIVE: Casual homophobia in the online staffroom

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  1. Sister Hairy Valance 12 Oct 2007, 12:17pm

    “How could he prefer man bum sex to ladies boobs and hips? How could he prefer tackle to labias, clits, and lips?”Let’s guess what they teach… ‘A’ Level English or Biology perhaps?

  2. I’m gay and some people say I’m overly sensitive to comments that I perceive to be homophobic but I have to say that if I were monitoring that site, most of the comments that were quoted here would not have met MY criteria for being homophobic, inappropriate of even insensitive.Yeah the lips, labia etc. comment was over the line as was the “depraved acts” one. I would have deleted those.It also seems inappropriate for teachers to be using the “that’s so gay” insults when they are being called upon to stop students from using “gay” as an insult.I didn’t find the comment about it being inappropriate for gay men to share showers with straight men to be offensive or inappropriate. I can see how a straight man might feel that way. I think the comment shows ignorance but it doesn’t show malice or insult, especially considering what he said directly before.When we go over the top with sensitivity it cheapens our claims, lessens our credibility and confirms the fears and claims of right-wingers that we are trying to completely censure free thought and free speech.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Oct 2007, 5:04pm

    “How could he prefer man bum sex to ladies boobs and hips? How could he prefer tackle to labias, clits, and lips?”I wonder what the author of those words and others like him, the majority of straight males, would react to bisexual woman engaging in gay sex? They all get off on it but are appalled and outraged that two males can do the same. Its always been a doublestandard for straights who have a monopoly on hypocrisy and bigotry when it comes to sexual orientation, among many other things. They need to open their minds, expand their horizons to realize that they’re not the only ones on the planet just because they happen to be the majority. They can’t have it all ways, ergo their way. They need to grow up, mature and move on.

  4. Mac Fheorias 12 Oct 2007, 7:36pm

    Zeke, I totally agree… I wouldn’t let the author of this comment manage a kennel of dogs, let alone teach the future of humanity.I choose to rise above comments made by people like this when their lexicon has been entirely sourced from the Daily Sun ‘newspaper’.

  5. Dominick J. Di Noto 13 Oct 2007, 2:13am

    For teachers they are the most ignorant and display a truly insensativity to other people who are different. They should have their licenses ripped away from and asked to work for a take out restaurant like a Mickey Dees!

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