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Comment: Lesbian reflections on Coming Out Day

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Reader comments

  1. I lurk here on Pink a few times a day and this is the first time I’ve been moved to actually comment. I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for this article and thank you for your journey. I’m bisexual and throughout my youth I had a quite progressive family in that many of my parents friends were gay and lesbian. The only real issue that I had in accepting myself and the subsequent “coming out” were because everyone (the gays included) told me that you couldn’t “be both” and that if you liked your own gender at all – one day you’d realize that you were gay and that bi was just confusion. It was a scary journey at times but eventually I just gave up and said “aww the hell with it, I’m me, whatever happens, happens” but you and women like you paved the way for understanding and you gave all of us (bi included) the building blocks to become fully and truly what we really are.