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US accused of funding Ugandan homophobes

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  1. Bill Perdue 12 Oct 2007, 5:58am

    The Republicans have been behind a multi-faceted attack on the GLBT communities for the last eight years. Karl Rove, the arch conservative famously known as the ‘BushBrain” made several trips meeting with southern baptists, aka KKK, and other reactionary superstitious groups. He wanted them to promote the anti same sex marriage proposal eagerly singed by Bill Clinton to help Republican win in 2004. He promised and delivered $157 million dollars in bribes in the form of federal handouts to ‘faith based’ charities. Bush and the Republicans have used federal funding both internally and as foreign aid to turn aside the fight against AIDS from safe needles, condoms and education to the lethal fraud of christian ‘abstinence’. His depraved criminality in this matter has led to countless deaths. At last count over 25,000,000 people worldwide were infected with HIV disease.