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PM accused of pandering to homophobes as election looms

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Reader comments

  1. so the Australian establishment remains mired in the 1950s.They are perfectly happy to let gay soldiers fight, get wounded, and die for them, but they won’t treat them as equal human beings. They are happy take gay aussie taxes, but afford them a lesser service.The terms hypocricy and bigotry are not too harsh for these excuses for human beings who readily spend the lives of others for their personal political power.

  2. Gary Burns 14 Sep 2007, 9:20pm

    Yes,it is true our Australian Prime Minister John Howard is a phobic old man.His view is one of the 50’s,homosexuals are to be viewed as the dirty perverted in society.We have a election coming up soon,where this facist his government will be firmly thrown out of Government.John Howard has no “tolarance” forfor homosexuals. ho

  3. Any gay or lesbian person who votes for this scumbag based on a last minute gay supportive political stunt after a decade of rabid homophobia, deserves what they get.Maybe Sister Neva Meta ConservativeHomophobeSheDidn’tLike can explain to us why Howard is actually the most gay supportive candidate in the field and why he deserves, NAY COMMANDS, the gay vote.

  4. Bill Perdue 15 Oct 2007, 12:52am

    Howards attempt to placate us and pretend he’s not Bush’s lapdog and a bigoted little dirtbag reflects his dawning fear that the global Bush/Republican strategy of all out war on GLBT rights is wearing thin. The Bush administration, Southern Baptists, Der Pope, anglocatholic prelates, jihadists and TV evangelicals have been on an eight year rampage to injure the GLBT communities, aided by US agencies and US funds. We’re seeing the initial stages of a backlash to that especially among youth worldwide who are entering politics without the bigoted baggage of their parents. Here are some examples of what I expect will become a very large and militant remobilization of our movement: The ‘pink shirt; movement which a few high schools in Canada experience large impulsive antibigot demonstrations; The explosive growth of GLSEN/GSA high school gay student groups in the US and the widespread participation of US GLBT and hetero youth in the Day of Silence;The global spread of aggressive GLBT youth groups characterized by internationalism, tactical audacity and what I can only describe as a clearheaded rage;These groups are becoming prominent in the Latin America, Africa and Asia, long the strong hold of conservatives and reactionaries. The worlds largest Pride events are no longer in SF, the EU or Sydney, they’re in Sao Paolo. The initial political reaction by many conservative parties is to toss a bone our way and say “Whip? What whip? I’m no bigot.” Examples abound: Howard’s turnabout in Australia, the Canadian Conservatives quietly shelving their opposition to samesex marriage, English conservatives ‘embracing’ us, and the threat by totalitarian christians to split the US Republicans if they don’t nominate a hatemonger like Bush. I also think that the instantaneous, potent and tough rejection by US GLBT groups of the attempt to gut the employment antidiscrimination law ENDA indicates that this budding radicalization is not limited to youth by any means. We’re seeing the beginning of the end of the bigots’ ability to get a mass following and the beginning or our counterattack.

  5. At last the end of this horrible era with howard and his cronies is in sight. Any gay person who thinks they may vote for this ratbag should have their heads read. Now perhaps Australia has a chance to catch up, not only on our equality but on the vital issue concerning us all which is global warming. Roll on the progressives but please don’t judge those of us over 55 as being one of them.

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