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World-famous advice column advocates gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. MekahChica 10 Oct 2007, 6:09pm

    KUDOS, to Ms. Abby!In order to achieve the same rights, without compromise, there are NO other options, than Unequivocal Equality.The GLBTI community, along with their allies, must construct a firm foundation of harmony and unwavering solidarity, in order to achieve unconditional inclusion for Unequivocal Equality, as well as Basic Human Civil Rights, bringing to fruition a positive solution, not revolution.No One on this planet, should ever have, or be granted the power, right, nor stand in judgment, of anyone’s Basic Human Civil Rights, by enforcing through Constitutional Decree, or otherwise, whom one should love, and marry, NO ONE!There is a pinnacle necessity, to establish Diversity Sensitivity, Understanding, and Respect Policies, in ALL  Governmental Agencies, in order STOP the incessant daily provocative persecution of Transgender individuals, and/or anyone who are deemed “Different,” by the Bullying, Harassment, and Hate, of  unprogressive pariahs, in our world societies.Love, Peace, Unequivocal Equality, Solidarity ~~Mekah Gordon, PhD, L. E.~Pioneering, Frontier Renaissance Woman, Visionary

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Oct 2007, 7:11pm

    Mekah, I think its wonderful that Abby is supporting marriage equality and I’m delighted she is to receive the PFLAG award, deservedly so.Unfortunately, we in the UK have no major straight celebrity supporting full marriage equality. If there are any, I wish they would speak up.

  3. Bill Perdue 12 Oct 2007, 6:02am

    She has a much better position than Hillary Clinton, who’s obstinately against samesex marriage.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Oct 2007, 1:14pm

    MekahChica, well said!

  5. MekahChica 12 Oct 2007, 4:15pm

    Thank you, Robert.

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