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Singapore gays call for decriminalisation

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Reader comments

  1. Boycott Singapore and spend gay dollars in gay friendly destinations in Asia. The government of Singapore wants tourism revenues but continues to discriminate against gay people. Discourage everyone both gay and straight from setting foot in that repressive country.

  2. I’ve been to Singapore and stayed with a gay friend. We went to several openly gay pubs. The atmosphere inside was pretty much like you could find in the UK.Just so long as things were not flaunted publicly the police really were not interested. Yes, there needs to be progress. If China and assorted Eastern European countries can decriminalise us then so should Singapore.But it’s not quite as bad as maybe people think. There are certainly worse countries out there.Singapore generally, is quite authoritarian. Small country, no natural resources and only the people as its main asset, so “rocking the boat” is generally not regarded as desireable.Hopefully, there will be progress.

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