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Two gay venues face closure in Birmingham

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Reader comments

  1. I think this smells rather to me! Property developers, the lowest of the low in my eyes, need to be tackled head on. They have far too much power and influence.Likewise, why are the police in Birmingham behaving this way? Sounds more like the old days when Manchester was under that nut case Anderton. No, I suggest the Queens of Birmingham complain VERY loudly, especially as Nu Liebour seem to be in trouble and will need our votes at some stage. Make them bl**dy work for it.

  2. This is all bollox in a tea cup…no club or pub will be closed,

  3. Who are the 2 hotties in the pic? Wonder if they know they are on Pinknews

  4. luke mate you really need to get out more

  5. The Pink Pound means a lot to the Council of Birmingham. They should think long and hard what they are doing and who they are supporting at both venues. The police action at the Fountain smacks of “old thinkinking and practices” – Gay guys are here to stay and stay we will have little doubt.

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