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Rising star pledges Tories to gay rights

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  1. Oh that’s rich. Giving the Tory’s credit for passing the SOR’S even though way less than half of them voted for it.This reminds me of a similar situation that happened in the state of Washington in the USA. The Washington State Senate voted on a gay civil rights law a couple of years ago. All Democrats voted for it and all but ONE Republican voted against it. The Log Cabin Republicans (a gay Republican group that sounds a lot like the Tory group talked about in this article) rushed to the presses to claim that the REPUBLICANS passed the law and gave all the credit for the victory to Republicans WITH AN “S”.It sounds like you have the same stupidity on your side of the pond. Sadly it seems that you also have fools who are more than willing to swallow, hook, line and sinker, the absurd statements of these delussional gay Tory shills.

  2. Sister Mary Clarance 5 Oct 2007, 4:27am

    Please accept my apologies for having a go at you recently, Zeke. I didn’t realise that the reason that you haven’t got a clue about British politics is because you are living overseas.I had (as I think many others as well) noticed that your knowledge of isses seldom goes beyond the headline or a soundbite, but I expect UK news stories are not reported with any depth over there

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 5 Oct 2007, 12:55pm

    Zeke, what is so revealing about both parties in the UK is that they endorse and support the discriminatory civil partnership law with enthusiasm. Sad, that not one LGBTQ person with the exception of Peter Tatchell has come out in defense of full marriage equality. CPs aren’t about equality at all, its about throwing the dog a bone to keep it quiet while ignoring the fact that until marriage is available to all, there can be no true equality. Further, if civil partnerships are equal to marriage (which they are not), then why doesn’t either party support opening CPs to heterosexuals who choose not to “marry”? In a true democracy, you can’t have one set of laws for one group and not give them to all others. Class structure is bad enough without making it worse. None of them quite get it and needless to say neither does the LGBTQ community. The battle for equal rights is far far far from over and if you think it is or you are indifferent and you really don’t care, you’re deluding yourselves. Lazy thinking is not a good recipe for equality.

  4. Gene Touchet 5 Oct 2007, 3:39pm

    “The center of gravity is moving”–glacially.29 to 80 doesn’t speak very well about the collective “conscience.”However, a small step forward is better than no step.

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