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Elton John closes exhibition after child pornography probe

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Reader comments

  1. donna Black 3 Oct 2007, 2:28pm

    argh! why does this happen, do we now live in a police state?! no such thing as the freedom to create, cus god forbid we offend someone. galleries should have small minded bigot’s banned and would save alot of hassel! speaking as a artist myself who greatly admires Nan Goldins work I jsu think this whole thing is laughable, abd since when where the police any the wiser to what is art and what isn’t!?

  2. mister koen from holland 28 Oct 2007, 9:57am

    Gallery staffmember called the police??!. WHy from godssake do you work at a modernart museum if you r a narrow/minded medieval christian fundamentalist!!?.I get very aggrevated if i hear again and again of those intolerant pëople who think the whole world should obey their beliefs.I´d rather b a free mind of my own and go straight to hell!!. At least i can say then that i had respect for my fellow folks on planet earth..AMEN.

  3. mister koen from holland 28 Oct 2007, 10:02am

    CANT she b fired for discrimination, and insulting our believes?Im offended by her actions .Sue her for insulting my religion of free expression.In theory with a good lawyer , according the laws we should win this…My religion of the free is as good as hers?…

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