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Cameron praises controversial minister but makes no mention of equality

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Reader comments

  1. Yes, he praised his token female Muslim (despite her evil opinions), mentions marriage, married couples allowance etc etc and completely ignored Civil Partners or gay rights.The true blue is showing through, and it’s a blue rinse.They’re back on home ground, nasty policies for nasty people.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Oct 2007, 6:01pm

    Drew, it only proves that civil partnerships aren’t equal and not about equality. They’re a cop out to avoid a showdown with the church et al over full marriage equality for same-sex partners. They’re all a bunch of cowards, no back bone in either party. At their core, its about homophobia and their hatred for us, ditto the religions right wingers up and down the UK. Its not democracy either. You have to look to Holland, Belgium, Spain, Canada and S. Africa for that, no other country has the freedom or the democracy that these five already enjoy.

  3. Oh yeah, he’s a real champion for gay equality.PinkNews, who post Tory ads, and the token Tory shills who never miss an opportunity to sing the praises of the conservative party or to put a positive spin on their dismal gay rights record, should be SO proud.Come on Sista, I’m sure you have a clever way to spin this story to show us that Mr. Cameron really isn’t playing up to the right wing of his party. If these gasbags take over they will drop what little pretense they have begrudgingly given over the last year and throw the gays under the bus it will make our heads spin.

  4. I would like to vote tory, but as a gay voter I cant

  5. The private sector running schools and the Benefits agency? Even Thatcher didn’t go that far!Equal rights? He doesn’t give a shit about equal rights. Tories look after themselves and screw everyone else. Survival of the fittest and no such thing as Society.Nothing has changed.

  6. Has anyone else noticed that Cameron is a dead ringer for Grayson in Emmerdale?On a more serious note, there are over 3m gay and lesbian people in the UK. This is by far the largest minority group and no party can win an election unless gay and lesbian people vote for them in considerable numbers.In other words, our equality is in our own hands.

  7. Mike, we already have the private sector running schools (at least in London we do, I assumed that the rest of the country does as well).Most local authorities currently contract out services like housing benefit and council tax benefit. I can really see that there is much difference in paying out other benefits. Hopefully if they do there will be sufficiently severe penalties for cock ups that will prevent us getting into the shite we are currently in with £5.8 billion in overpayments in the first three years by HM Revenue Customs.I will be voting Tory by the way.

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