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UK Peer challenges Russian Patriarch over gay rights

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  1. The Russian Patriarch thinks that gays are ill? Consider:1. Orthodoxy teaches that sex is for procreation, not pleasure. Married men and women are encouraged to enter religious institutions or live as chaste brothers and sisters after their children are grown and gone.2. Orthodox Christians celebrate the feast days of saints whom they are named after but not their own birthdays, which are “reminders” of parental “lust”.3. Menstruating women are “unclean” and may not enter churches.4. Orthodox Christians are taught to not cross their legs when they sit, as this makes a “cross” below the waist, where sex organs are, and where bodily functions occur.Beautiful liturgies, music and architecture, yes. But also guilt, an obsession with asceticism and denial, a schizophrenic view of matter and spirit, and a low view of human sexuality and women in particular. Repressive, Medieval thinking, and GAYS are ill?