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Police adopt softly-softly approach on public orgies

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  1. Who the hell are “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality?” I’ve never heard of this group and they sound very much like some sort of anti-gay religious organization. In fact, this whole article sounds like it was written by Pat Robertson or Phyllis Schlafly.

  2. Yeah, its always worrying when you see the word “truth” with the word “homosexuality”… experience has thought me that these organisations tend to be anything BUT truthful!

  3. There are many ways to be homosexual. There are many ways to be heterosexual. There are many ways to be human. In other words there are as many truths as there are people. That is a scary thing for religious groups like Truth About Homosexuality for whom the only way is:1. Man on top, woman underneath;2. Only for the purpose of procreation;3. Not enjoying it to much; and4. Always in praise of a non-existent sky pixie.I would feel sorry for them were it not for the fact that they flaunt themselves like this and try to shove it in my face.

  4. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Oct 2007, 8:55pm

    Patrick, that’s exactly what they are, a right wing republican (conservative) group run by Peter LaBarbera, a married man who takes it upon himself to frequent gay leather clubs/bars endlessly and then reports back to his organization that this is who we are and what a gay orientation means, only they still use the derogatory terms such as homosexual and lifestyle to denigrate us. He’s a supporter of the ex-gay ministries, believing you can convert to straight via prayer and aversion therapy, the key methods that ex-gay ministries use. For a man who spends a lot of time in gay leather clubs is quite revealing. He’s a sick man whatever way you look at it and so are his organization and followers. Beware of these people and what they repesent.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 2 Oct 2007, 8:59pm

    Ivan, they’re also for sex within marriage only and marriage for them is solely for the purpose of procreation. So, I suppose we should push for legislation banning heterosexuals from marrying who can’t or won’t reproduce and make marriage equality only for breeders, let see how they like that!

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Oct 2007, 2:09pm

    Patrick, I’ve enclosed a link to give you more information on the Americans for truth about homosexuality organisation. Its an evil institution and every gay man and woman in the UK should be aware of it. They have their eyes on overseas locations, so be on your guard.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Oct 2007, 2:37pm

    Methinks Marine is a closeted gay man, or a shill for the religious right wing nutters. Marine, come out, come out wherever you are! Strange that a socalled straight would come to a gay website to spew his venom. How did he find it I wonder?

  8. marine.. ever heard of the concept “live and let live” i assume you’re writing about Folsom. Folsom is pretty extreme but it’s sanctioned by the san francisco authorities and widely publicized…..anyone who doesn’t want to watch shouldn’t attend. it’s only one day in the year after all…”Go back to the closet, behind closed doors” why don’t you do that instead, that way you would have to see anything that “pisses you off”. i think maybe as someone who calls himself “marine” you should GROW UP, accept that not everyone is like you and either become more tolerent or just leave other adults to enjoy themselves in their own way as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else. And if you can’t do that, just lock yourself away, because listening to your bigotted ramblings PISSES ME OFF

  9. I do not take part in homosexual acts and neither do I agree with them, however, I do love and believe in the people that do. I see more than the people though…it’s like there is an overall movement or SPIRIT even, that is trying to takeover the WORLD! LOL. The spirit is pushing and pushing until everyone WANTS to give in to sexual lusts and desires, no matter their background. It’s like the spirit gets ENRAGED at anyone who even remotely has thoughts contrary to it! It is a dangerous spirit to anyone who has beliefs different than those that carry it. I love every person in the lifestyle. I do not however like the spirit and pray that the spirit dies in every person that has become a victim to it. In Jesus name! God Bless you all. Sexual desires should NOT rule us, we should rule our sexual desires! You have the power to…I believe in you!

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Oct 2007, 4:14pm

    FAO: MeWith respect, being gay is NOT a lifestyle no more than yours is, assuming you are either straight bi or gay. We do not select the way we live, but we live our lives. Ours ARE LIVES, not styles of living. We don’t choose it, it chooses US, just as yours did, whatever that may be. Do you ever here people referring to a “straight lifestyle”? Never! I don’t particularly care much for some of the sexual mores of straight people either in the form of paedophilia, prostitution, sex slave trading, incest, philandering and adultery, the latter being the real threat to marriage. I think those of a religious persuasion should address those issues first before resorting to judging gay, lesbian, bi and transgendered people. Hating the sin but loving the sinner doesn’t cut it any more. Its all hogwash and hypocritical at best.

  11. In response to Robert… First, I want to say that I love every sinner and hate every sin, whether it is adultery all the way to lying. Saying that… I would never give allowance for my child to lie and/or cheat on his or her spouse. When does encouraging people to fight urges to sin become a positive thing? I happen to know people who attract the same sex so they feel pressure to try it and suffer from emotional problems because of it. I would be snarled at if I were to tell him to find new friends and pray to God to show him who he is and who he is supposed to be… People, many times are simply influenced strongly by what is surrounding them and only take on what they see happening in front of them, i.e. gang members, prostitutes, etc. I feel that it is only right to let this person know that they have an option. I would not be doing my service to them if I knew a different or “God-forbid” a better way, that would actually give them clarity and purpose to their lives. We all know that with lying, theft, adultery, incest or any SEXUAL act, that one must first have a desire and then must DECIDE to act upon that desire. People have a choice to do something or to never do it at all. Why does someone who has a desire to steal have to be labeled a thief!? He has a choice… He or she is for sure one thing, purposed to be here by God, why not truly search to find out what that purpose is before we jump to conclusions that they are GAY, LESBIAN, etc. and must now go to parades and be PROUD of something, they may never have been meant to be?!

  12. Dave… my point, as you have pointed out, is that for me to even have a caring, and even intellectual aproach to this topic, I get called an IDIOT and degraded to only an “IT”. If Robert wants to debate the topic he should be allowed to. He is a human with a mind to decide what he he believes and it seems like it threatens you if someone even lends an ear to a different opinion, let alone agrees with it! No one is making YOU change, only expressing that there are people who want to and should be allowed to! There are laws that the government is trying to enforce right now that makes it illegal to speak negatively against people who have sex with the same sex, however, it took all of two comments for you to call “ME” an idiot! I am not an idiot. Your words are powerful though, “Life AND death is in the power of the tongue”, what you speak over your life becomes your reality… DAVE, you and ROBERT are overcomers, and anyone that God has given life to is an overcomer!! We are not victims to our situations, we have the ability to rise above our circumstances… just speak that over your life, no matter if you claim to be GAY or STRAIGHT and watch the change happen! God loves you and has already made a provision for you through His son Jesus Christ! The love of Christ will never end for you, no matter what you have done or HAVEN’T done! He has an undying and unchanging love for you!!! AMAZING!!! THANK you Jesus for loving me! Through all of my CRAP, He has been faithful and will forever be! Accept his love and ask for Him to fill you with His Spirit with a humble and contrite heart and you will NEVER be the same!

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Oct 2007, 8:46pm

    Me…you are so wrong and what you don’t know about sexual orientation is mindblowing. When did you choose to be straight, assuming you are? Sexual orientation is not a choice, its who you are, how you are born. Show me how a straight person can become gay by choice and then maybe you’ll have some credence. In short, you can’t force anyone to be straight or gay, it just IS! Accept it and stop using you’re religious beliefs to say it has to be your way or the highway because of some arguably very conflicted references in a book that I consider to be a pack of myth, lies and distortion, all written by men, not some divine being.

  14. As I’ve said before, we own our sexuality, our bodies, our lives and we bow down to no-one. Religion is not about spirituality any more, it is about power and control.

  15. Robert for one thing, if I am born a girl then I am a girl! If I am born a boy than I am a boy! What I do after that is a choice, I can be persuaded to do a lot of things! There are many people who partake in orgies and dabble in different sexual fantasies, that after tasting it have no problem with doing it again… people CHOOSE to be BI-sexual! People CHOOSE who they have sex with! They CHOOSE if they want to be with a white person or a black person a male or a female! If anyone forces you to do anything, that would be considered rape or molestation! The CHOICE to have sex with the same sex is what I thought was the point! Because anyone, even if they are attracted to the same sex, are not obliged to take action in the matter! No one FORCES anyone to have heterosexual sex or homosexual sex!

  16. As a big supporter of the gay community politically, I am somewhat opposed to excess public nakedness. Sure, I have a picture of myself baring my chest next to a pretty girl showing her boobs here in Washington, DC. I asked if she minded, she said no, and we never even traded first names.

    But part of the problem of ending homophobia is gaining the acceptance of the str8 community that is in the middle on the issue. For gays to hold hands, kiss in public, that is fine, they should do more of it, just as str8 people do. But holding PUBLIC events like this hurts their image, and if they want to go rent some big club, or even a stadium, and do this, it is fine, but simply not too smart guys from a political point of view to hold such street parades.

    Love you all, and if my wife realized how much money I gave to Equality California to support keeping marriage legal, she would freak, so yes, I really am a friend.

    1. I agree with this ^.

      This is not about gay or straight to me, this is about breaking the law, and the disturbing fact that the police decided to change the law for a day. Nudity is legal there, but as far as I know, public masterbation, public anal insertion, public sex of any kind is ILLEGAL. Why did the police let ILLEGAL activity go on unpunished??? You don’t mess with the law like that. The women in some of the Folsom videos are committing crimes as well. I don’t care if these people like these activities, but outside in public is not the place for it, no matter if they are at a fair designated to this type of stuff. There seems to be no consistency in the law anymore, and this reminds me of uncivilized animals, not humans.

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