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Gay activists hold back controversial bill

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 2 Oct 2007, 10:20pm

    The Human Rights Campaign, House Speaker Pelosi, D – CA, and Barney Frank outed gay Democrat of Massachusetts et al were just doing what comes naturally, selling us for twenty pieces of silver. In the US Congress issues become interconnected by their efforts to betray us. Democrats have to appear to be for GLBT rights while they torpedo them, and to appear to be for peace while supporting the war. In the Senate Republicans and Democrats demonstrated their commitment to Iraqi self-determination by voting 75-23 in favor of partitioning Iraq. That will make the sale of Iraqi oil facilities to the oil pirates all that much easier. Then they approved the war funding bill by 92-3., with the hate crimes bill attached. Five senators were absent – all presidential candidates busy hustling the voters. In the house they tried to gut ENDA, hopefully unsuccessfully. Those were Clintonesque maneuvers worthy of the Bill himself. They vote for the war funding act after promising not to during the 2006 elections, AND nobody notices because the hate crimes bill is attached as a rider, AND they set up the hate crimes bill for a fall, AND they claim they did their best, AND they’re off the hook with the bigots, AND they divide up a sovereign nation to grab its oil. Slime personified. This Congressional gross out comes on the heels of this weeks Washington Post/ABC news poll that shows that most Americans want war funding cut off (3%), sharply reduced (43%) or reduced somewhat (23%). Unsurprisingly the same poll shows that Republican Bush is in the cellar with an approval rate of 33% and the Congressional Republicans and Democrats have dropped into the sewer with an approval rating of 29%. But the Congress is just doing their duty for the ruling rich. Here’s a hint for conservatives and liberals who might be scratching their head when these deals go down. Recently George Shultz, former Reaganite Secretary of State and Nixonian Secretary of the Treasury said “Politics and the economy are all one big interactive system.” He neglected to say it but politicians, Republican and Democrat, are owned by the same people who own the economy, the ruling rich.

  2. Jen Marcus 3 Oct 2007, 3:00pm

    Bill Perdue you are “spot on”! I have lost total confidence in the system. Most of us are mere “serfs” to the “lords” of the global economy who control all the multi-national corporations. The lords buy and sell polticians,political parties, governments and faith systems making them all irrelevant!

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