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Preview: Stephen Fry – HIV and Me

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  1. Malcolm Lidbury 30 Sep 2007, 6:29pm

    “Loosing against HIV/AIDS” …and this is the reason why, ingrained institutional prejudice in places like Cornwall (UK).see the video:- In 2006 Cornwall police CONDEMN teenagers attending GU clinic as “Sexual Grooming”.In Cornwall, a Crown Court Judge Rucker in 2006 condemned twenty years of campaigning by a gay man on HIV/AIDS awareness and gay equality as..”EVANGELICAL PROSLETISING”…and that is why we are loosing the battle! Institutional HIV Gay prejudice discrimination STILL by police, judicary, other local authorities and institutions in 2007!

  2. Reading your article fills me with trepidation. So “Illustrating the changing face of the virus” Stephen meets a range of people one wouldn’t expect to be affected! That’s probably because they belong to groups that are relatively unlikely to be affected or infected, that’s what makes their story so interesting to media desperate to say that something is happening or changing, that it isn’t just homosexuals or African immigrants infected (either because they see the reality as now mundane, have little sympathy or respect for us, wish to avoid adding more stigma or wish to concentrate efforts or resources elsewhere). If we are talking about new UK infections (as opposed to diagnosis) in the next year, then the people who will become infected way above any other groups are those who have sex with homosexually active men and with people who acquired their infection in Africa (on the whole gay men and people from African communities). This is where HIV prevention efforts and resources will be best expended, but not if everyone including policy makers and funders mistakenly believe that new HIV infections in the UK will be amongst the young or heterosexuals or the super-sensational young heterosexuals. I’ll wait to see what the actual programme says, I hope it is not a case of a producer who starts off with a sensational and simple idea and twists the complex reality and facts to fit it, or who muddles the international and UK picture. In that case I’ve seen it before. The majority of young heterosexuals have relatively little risk of contracting HIV and they can see that for themselves. Overstating that risk for the sake of getting them to attend to other sexual health risk is foolish.

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