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Will shamed Senator Larry Craig resign tomorrow?

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Reader comments

  1. Sister Mary Clarance 2 Sep 2007, 11:53am

    I can certainly sympathise with the Senator, I’m not gay, I just love the feel of a good c**k in my mouth.

  2. Don’t you just get a lovely, warm feeling everytime one of these right wing, homophobic, bigots is caught with his trousers down!What a total hypocrite Mr Craig!

  3. In the latest news, Mr. Craig is recanting his resignation and is fighting to reverse his guilty plea.In this resignation announcement, he said, “…it is my to resign…” which left the possibility open.The drama never ends.

  4. Ciaran McMahon - Dublin 6 Sep 2007, 1:03pm

    Roberto, couldn’t agree more. I almost clapped with delight. I have no issue with people being “closeted”, we all were at one stage, and there’s no cowardice in not wanting to be discriminated against. But a loathsome hypocrite like this, who advocates against gay/equal rights, found looking for gay sex in a public toilet? Its beautiful irony worthy of an Alanis Morissette song!

  5. Roberto, absolutely! In fact, you will see more unravel. Mike Rogers who outed Craig for his hypocrisy, has a list of 33 politicans, 30 of them republican (read Tory) who will face the same wrath. Mike Rogers is a famous gay blogger here in the U.S., he scrutinises the voting records of politicians who support antigay legislation while monitoring their marital status and sexual escapades. I’m wallowing in all this and enjoying every delicious minute. So much for the family values hypocrites who can’t even practice what they preach, the same people who voted against full marriage equality. They deserve nothing more than contempt and condemnation and Craig et al, owes the LGBTQ community a huge apology.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

  6. Robert, thanks for the comments. Actually looking at Craig he’s certainly no oil painting is he and was lucky to find any man willing to have a bit with him!Cannot wait to hear about the other 30 Republican Hypocrites!!!

  7. Robert W. Pierce 6 Sep 2007, 4:55pm

    Roberto, he is typical of what is in the closet in the republican party, usually pasty-faced white men with no sense of fashion and woundingly plain. The good looking ones with any sense of decorum, if they exist in that party of hate, bigotry and hypocrisy, wouldn’t deign to frequent toilets to get their jollies off. What a disgusting place for a tryst, only goes to show the amount of shame and self-loathing they have for themselves, but then their party engenders it by its platform. I would not like to be one of Mike Rogers’ 33, they’re probably lieing low until the Craig debacle dissipates and I bet they’re not sleeping well at night either. Serves them right.Mike Rogers is a hero. He outs the hypocrites, both straight and gay, who vote against us, the ones who espouse family values (usually married ones), yet can’t practice what they preach, and who vote for antigay legislation, despicable, deplorable and hypocritical. What is quite revealing is that they all espouse religion and faith, part of the family values mantra. They’ve completely debunked that myth once and for all. I daresay there are many in our own Tory party who will one day get their just desserts. Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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