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Competition: The natural way to change your hair colour

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Reader comments

  1. Please stop putting ADVERTISEMENTS in the news articles.You’re beginning to make a joke of a sensible, important Gay news website by surrounding “This person was killed for his sexuality” articles with “Hey, why not change the colour of your hair with new ‘It Aint Got Checmicals In It’ For Men” ‘articles’.Tarting up these advertisements as a COMPETITION does not fool me.I’m very sorry that you wish to make a mockery of what is, or fastly becoming “was”, an important website for GLBT.

  2. sorry mate but advertising is what makes website like this work -how do you think it is funded exactly?It says competition – why the hell did u click onto it at all?ooh you werent FOOLED – what a clever (if boring and pedantic) little creature you are! and if you think its such a rubbish website – what are you doing here? go somewhere else and bitch there instead – i think PinkNews is a good site and all sites need ad revenue to survive

  3. oh yeah and another thing – open any magazine or newspaper and there among the articles are …. adverts.Or hadnt you noticed that? You really are the most immense tit

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